Kerala Assembly passes Bill removing Governor as Chancellor



The Indian state of Kerala has passed the University Laws (Amendment) Bill which removes the Governor as the Chancellor of 14 universities in the state.

Even though the bill has been passed by Assembly, it, as per the rules, has to be sent to Governor Arif Mohammed Khan, for his assent. Khan had earlier hinted that he will not stand in judgment of a case involving him and hence, in all likelihood, if he doesn’t sign, either it might lie pending in his office, and if not, it would be sent to the Indian President.

Pertinently, Arif Mohammed Khan represents the BJP and was designated as the governor of Kerala by the Narendra Modi government.

At the end of the debate before the Bill was put for voting, the Opposition walked out of the house after the government stood its ground of having the Speaker in a three member panel to select the next Chancellor instead of a retired High Court judge. The Chief Minister, and the Leader of Opposition will be the other two members.—INP