KEMU Academic Council gives sent off to Prof. Asad

Staff Reporter

Vice Chancellor Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal chaired the 125th meeting of Academic Council of KEMU with the main agenda to give farewell to Prof. Asad Aslam Khan on his retirement from government service after attaining the age of superannuation.

Expressing his views on the occasion, the Vice Chancellor said that more than 42 years, Prof. Asad Aslam’s life have been spent to serve KEMU/ Mayo Hospital, Lahore.

I have 4 decades long relationship with Prof. Asad Aslam Khan. I always wanted for everyone who leaves this Institution, should be gracefully given sent off. We are all like a family. We are students and teachers of KEMU.

The doctors trained by him are serving not only within Pakistan but all over the world. His services for the College of Ophthalmology & Allied Vision Sciences as well as at King Edward Medical University are commendable.

The real award is the charity and the provision of quality service delivery to the suffering humanity. I have brotherly relationship with Prof. Asad Aslam Khan and our energies are for the betterment of KEMU.

I wish him all success in this world and hereafter. The Registrar KEMU, Dr. Riasat Ali, said that the Vice-Chancellor has always maintained the glorious tradition of arranging wonderful Farewell in honor of the retiring faculty members.

The Faculty of King Edward Medical University enjoys the most prestigious position in the medical profession. Improvement in academics, research, telemedicine and development projects is the result of the faculty’s joint efforts.

Prof. Asad Aslam Khan said that he has always loved King Edward Medical University and Mayo Hospital.

I have always been honored by this Institution and because of this institution we have all been honored all over the world.

I had been offered the position of Head of other institutions but I refused.

I always tried in whole of my life to do whatever I can do for KEMU and its name should be raised high.

He further said that it was my intention to always serve my Alma mater and work day and night for its betterment.

I am grateful to Vice Chancellor Prof. Khalid Masood Gondal for convening the meeting of the Academic Council for my farewell.

On behalf of the Faculty of KEMU the Vice Chancellor presented commemorative shield and flowers to Prof. Asad Aslam Khan.