KE dismantles 10,000 illegal hooks, fixes low-cost meters


Staff Reporter


Power distributer company K-Electric’s (KE) crackdown against power theft continues in different parts of the city with the help of Law-Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), and KE teams in its latest drive dismantled more than 10,000 electricity connections used for illegal abstraction of electricity in Ittehad Town, Sajjan Goth and Yousuf Goth in Baldia. Over the past 12 months, K-Electric has removed over 32,000 kunda connections from Baldia, while also installing 11,000 low-cost meters for consumers residing in the area.
At the same time, KE is also continuing its investments in electricity infrastructure to improve the reliability of power supply in the area of Baldia. In addition, efforts are already underway to install additional 10,000 low-cost meters in Baldia in continuation of efforts to combat power theft and regularise illegal connections.
According to Spokesperson K-Electric, “In line with the power utility’s commitment to combat the menace of electricity-theft, we have converted over 500 PMTs in the Baldia area to Aerial Bundled Cables (ABC) in an effort to protect power distribution network from illegal connections (kundas).
Our kunda removal drives are also continuing in parallel and recently, our teams removed 110 kilograms of hook connections from Sector 9E and Sector 12C/2. Cables used for illegal connections weighing over 850 kilograms in Ibrahim Hyderi and 800 Kilograms in Muslimabad, Landhi were also removed during an operation against the power-theft mafia.

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