KE advises caution ahead of monsoon season



Ahead of the predictions of the first rains of the monsoon season by Pakistan Meteorological Department, K-Electric utility urged its valued customers to adopt necessary precautionary measures for their continued safety.

Spokesperson KE stated, “Keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe during inclement weather is extremely important. We request citizens to always maintain a safe distance from all electricity infrastructure including poles, transformers, and substations as well as streetlight poles and other utility poles used for TV/internet and phone cables.  Avoid using electrical appliances outside homes such as water motors with wet hands or bare feet. With monsoon season coinciding with Eid-ul-Adha, we also urge citizens not to tie sacrificial animals with any poles or wires.”

KE’s operational teams have been working around the clock to ensure that all KE poles are compliant with safety parameters including proper earthing and grounding. Following the heavy monsoon of 2020, KE also invested in elevating infrastructure in vulnerable areas to prevent them from being affected by water logging.


However, illegal kundas and encroachment by unauthorized tv/internet cables create a significant hazard for the public at large. Spokesperson KE stated that any emergency complaints involving downed wires or damage to infrastructure may be reported immediately to call center 118, which tackles these on priority basis against a prescribed safety protocol.

Reiterating KE’s protocol during the rains, spokesperson KE shared, “power supply to some areas with a high prevalence of kundas or where water logging presents a challenge, and may be temporarily suspended to ensure safety of citizens. KE’s social media channels post frequent updates on the status of power supply to the city to keep customers informed.”

In addition to social media and call center 118, KE Live App, SMS service 8119 and KE WhatsApp Self Service Portal also remain available 24/7 for customer support.


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