KCCI President criticizes NDMA for failing to respond to Kemari poisonous gas incident


Staff Reporter


President Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) Agha Shahab Ahmed Khan, while expressing deep concerns over the death of six people and hospitalization of dozens of others on Sunday night in Kemari area due to diffusion poisonous gas in the air, stated that it was really unfortunate and worrisome to see that the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), which was established with a prime objective to respond to such calamities, neither reached the affected area to rescue and find out the causes nor bothered to give any statement over the tragic incident.
“Is NDMA responsible for responding only to those disasters in which more than 100 casualties occur”, he asked, adding that life of a single innocent person in such a calamity is also equally important hence, the NDMA and others must respond as quickly as possible. Agha Shahab stressed that NDMA should have rapidly responded to this particular incident in Kemari as soon as the first causality was reported but unfortunately, people kept losing their lives and dozens were hospitalized while the disaster management authority was not seen anywhere around and only a handful of the volunteers from Edhi and Chhipa reached the spot to rescue the affectees.
He further urged that the concerned authorities must thoroughly investigate and find out the exact source of poisonous gas and accordingly take strict measures to avoid such incidents in future. “A Rapid Response Force must be established to deal with such calamities in Karachi as it is not the first time when people lost their lives.
People are losing their lives in various incidents including fire eruptions, explosions caused by gas cylinders, buildings’ collapse and fatal road accidents etc. but no dedicated and fully equipped Rapid Response Force exists in the city that always results in raising the number of casualties”, he added.