KCCI over hardships faced by members of Bahria Town


Staff Reporter


Acting President Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) Arshad Islam and Chairman of Karachi Chamber’s Housing, Construction & Real Estate Subcommittee Asif Sumsum have underscored that any issue pertaining to additional charges or irregularities in the Bahria Town project have to be amicably resolved as it was not just a matter of grave concerns for the real estate agents, investors and overseas Pakistanis but also for thousands of those masses who have invested their hard earned monies and savings in different projects of Bahria Town so that they could ultimately have their own house in a beautiful, safe and secure locality which is obviously the biggest dream of almost all the people. Speaking at the First Meeting of Housing, Construction & Real Estate Subcommittee, Arshad Islam and Asif Sumsum, while expressing deep concerns over the hardships being faced by the allottees and members of Bahria Town, stated that the management of Bahria Town will have to act sensibly and they must prudently tackle the situation otherwise the project was likely to turn into a yet another serious scam which was neither in the interest of Bahria Town nor in the interest of Real Estate Agents, Investors and the General Public whose are fearing that all their lifetime savings were at stake.