Kasur Police arrested 580 criminals in July

Staff Reporter

On the directives Punjab Inspector General of Police Inam Ghani, vigorous operations have been carried out across the province to protect the life, honour and property of the common man.

In this regard, the Kasur District Police under the supervision of DPO Imran Kishwar, have been fighting against anti-social elements day and night and have arrested a total of 580 criminals during the last one month.

The arrested accused included five most wanted robbers who had been involved in dozens of high profile incidents.

According to details, the district police busted a criminal gang and arrested its 19 members. The police also recovered stolen goods worth more than Rs 1.8 millionfrom their possession.

On the special instructions of DPO Kasur Imran Kishwar, during the last one month, the police while conducting operations against the criminals, arrested 316 dangerous criminals and fugitives involved in serious cases like murder, robbery and dacoity. The proclaimed offenders also included 35A category offenders.

Similarly, during a crackdown on drug-dealers on a large scale, 73 notorious drug dealers were arrested and 41 kg of cannabis, 4kg of heroin, 1.5kg of opium, 1,074 litres of alcohol and 200 litres lehn were seized from their possession. The police also unearthed 7 alcohol manufacturing units and registered cases accordingly.

During a crackdown on illegal arms holders, cases were registered by seizing 03 rifles, 13 guns, 102 pistols and 04 magazines from the possession of 118 accused, 09 gambling dens were raided and 52 accused were arrested.

Thousands of rupees were recovered from the suspects. 19 suspects of 05 dangerous robbery gangs involved in dozens of robberies and dacoities were arrested and more than Rs 1.8 million worth of stolen and modern illegal weapons were recovered from their possession.

Moreover their arrests led to the challaning of 40 cases, while Ali Izad, the ringleader of an inter-district robbery gang involved in serious incidents such as robbery.

Dacoity was killed during a police encounter and Nasrullah Shah, a young policeman, was injured.

Likewise, a rich merchant who was kidnapped for ransom was recovered safely by Police in short time of 10 hours.

DPO Kasur Imran Kishore said that crackdown on proclaimed offenders, dacoits, drug dealers, habitual criminals and criminal elements would continue on a daily basis. He further said that the district police have been alert to discharge its duty.

The people should consider the police as their protector and helper and immediately inform the police concerned about the presence of suspicious persons around them and Insha Allah police will spare no sacrifice to protect the life and property of public by using all available resources.


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