Wheat available, govt not releasing yet No pressure will be tolerated: Aleem



Staff Reporter

Punjab Senior Minister for Food Abdul Aleem Khan on Sunday clarified that there is available ample stock of wheat in the market, saying there is no fear of any kind of shortage anywhere in the province.

“The Punjab Government and the Food Department have been monitoring the situation in the food market and wheat is not being released at official level so far as there is no dearth in the market.”

In a special statement issued on the current situation of wheat in Punjab and some news in this regard, Punjab Senior Minister for Food Abdul Aleem Khan said that the Government releases wheat at the official level only when it is required.

He said that some elements want to put pressure on the Punjab Government to release wheat for higher profits while wheat was already available in large quantities in the open market.

He said that a bumper crop of wheat has been harvested this year and the best price was paid to the farmers.

Abdul Aleem Khan said that the Food Department wants to ensure uninterrupted supply of wheat and flour till the end of the season of this year.

He also said that a good wheat crop is expected next year and Insha Allah there will be no shortage for the general public and Punjab Government will take all steps in this regard.

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