Kasur again in spotlight


KASUR is once again in the spotlight due to yet another incident of child sexual abuse involving this time three minor boys whose remains were found on Tuesday and according to police they were killed after being sexually assaulted.
These incidents of child abuse and murder indeed are an embarrassing for a Muslim society like Pakistan and the latest incident has reminded the horrific rape and murder of six year old girl Zainab Ansari – a case which sparked widespread outrage and protests across the country after the minor’s body was found in a trash heap in Kasur in January 2018. Those involved in such incidents indeed have nothing to do with humanity. They are beasts and should be given such strict punishment possible so that nobody could dare to perpetrate such acts in future. The very incidents also speak failure of the provincial government to fulfil its responsibility vis-à-vis protection of the people. Punjab Police is quite notorious now for maltreating and manhandling innocent people in detention but what it is doing to bring such criminals to justice. Had the police been fulfilling its responsibility honestly such incidents would not have taken place. As Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has taken notice of the Kasur tragedy, we expect that the investigation will be completed without any delay and by the use of forensic science, the culprit will be unmasked who in our view should be hanged in the open after the trial. We should not show any mercy towards such criminals who are playing with the lives of young souls. Then there is also need to study the broader aspect of why such incidents are still taking place in Kasur despite the fact that Zainab’s killer and rapist was executed for his crimes. A report by the NGO Sahil had revealed earlier this year that reported cases of child abuse increased by 11 per cent in year 2018 compared to 2017, with more than 10 children suffering some form of abuse every day in Pakistan last year. Indeed it is for federal and provincial governments to take requisite steps for protection of children but heavy responsibility falls on the shoulders of the parents to always remain vigilant and attentive to their children.

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