Kashmir’s freedom close to every Pakistani’s heart

PM Khan

The sacred cause of Kashmir’s freedom is very close to every Pakistani’s heart and Pakistan can’t even think of betraying Kashmiris.

An analytical report released by Kashmir Media Service has dismissed the impression being created by Modi-led fascist Indian government through its media that Islamabad has opted to maintain silence over India’s illegal actions of August 5, 2019.

It said that Pakistani leaders are strictly adhered to resolve the Kashmir dispute as per relevant UN resolutions.

The report referred to the virtual address of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan at Nikkei’s 26th Conference on ‘Future of Asia’ where he urged New Delhi to withdraw unilateral steps of 5 August 2019.

He on the occasion stressed that it is vital to create an enabling environment for dialogue to peacefully resolve the Kashmir dispute in accordance with UN resolutions and the Kashmiris’ wishes.

PM Khan has been strongly propounding the Kashmiris’ cause at every global forum since he took oath as Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has also categorically said in the US that Imran Khan is not a trader and will not make any barter on Kashmir.

Qureshi maintained that Prime Minister Imran Khan is a true supporter of Kashmiri people and the Kashmir dispute is an important pillar of Islamabad’s foreign policy.

The report pointed out that Indian secret agencies through Godi media also called Modia mislead the Kashmiris by its false propaganda that Pakistan has bartered away Kashmir.

However, Pakistan leaders have, time and again, reiterated their all-out support to the Kashmir.—KMS