Kashmiris will shut doors for traitors: Inayatullah Andrabi


London-based renowned Kashmiri intellectual, Syed Inayatullah Andrabi has said that the silent resistance of the Kashmiri people against India’s illegal occupation will continue unabated with doors shut for traitors.

In a series of tweets, Syed Inayatullah Andrabi, while referring to traitors said that Shah Faisal has offered his soul to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a bid to become a leader in post-370 Kashmir.

The Kashmiri scholar added, “Nothing, absolutely nothing will happen.
The silent resistance of Kashmiri people will continue unabated with doors shut for traitors.”

Syed Inayatullah Andrabi pointed out that the new ‘Modi bhakt’ (adorer of Modi) would disappear into oblivion earning a guaranteed place in the dustbin of history.—KMS