Kashmiris rejected N’s anti-state narrative: SACM


Says AJK people support PM as they know PTI is strong advocate of their rights

Amraiz Khan

Special Assistant to Punjab Chief Minister on Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan has said that the AJK elections had projected two diametrically opposed narratives to attract voters and international masters.

“One narrative was intrinsically linked with national security, public welfare, defence of the country as well as the projection of Kashmiris right to self-determination, on the contrary, the political narrative of opposition aimed at dividing the nation, attacking state institutions and polarizing the nation.”

Talking to the media at DGPR Office here on Monday, Dr Firdous said the PTI under the leadership of PM Imran Khan raised a strong voice at international fora to project Kashmiris’ right to self-determination as well as exposed Hindu supremacist Modi regime.

She said the nation is fully aware that the Sharif family-led PML-N continuously negated the right to self-determination of the Kashmiris and secretly helped the Modi regime by undermining Pakistan’s just stance over the Kashmir issue.

The SACM said that it is fully satisfying that the Kashmiris have supported PM Imran Khan as they know that PTI is a strong advocate of their rights.

“The results have reaffirmed that Imran Khan lives in the hearts of the Kashmiris and he is a benefactor to them.”

She said the venomous tongue of Maryam Safdar repeated her stance that they want power and authority at every cost and their cronies be allowed to continue loot and plunder.

Dr Firdous said that Maryam Safdar believes in a democracy in which the Sharif family is above the law and the whole country bows to them.

The Sharif family wants every institution, democracy and state resources to follow their dictum because they consider themselves above the law.

Dr Firdous said the PML-N repeated its stance of giving respect to “money over vote” in the Kashmir election campaign and started to wail about rigging after the defeat.

The SACM said the AJK PM belonged to PML-N and the election laws were formulated under his leadership.

“We raised reservations over it as the AJK PM was using every state resource while contesting the election from two seats.

How can rigging be made possible by PTI when AJK PM was campaigning while using official vehicles,” she questioned. The SACM pointed out that the PTI didn’t depute any official in AJK and the whole staff was at the payroll of the PML-N led government. “In this situation, the federal government can’t steal the election.”

Dr Firdous emphasized the reality is that the Kashmiris have decided to stand with Pakistan and kicked out the Modi agents.

Maryam Safdar, who claims to be the custodian of her corrupt father’s legacy, shot her own feet again and further spoiled the party with her words and actions.

She said that a jester of the PML-N moved from pillar to post and distributed money to buy people’s conscience but the law took him into custody as he challenged the writ of the State. This pygmy is trying to cash his arrest by issuing photos, she said.

The SACM regretted the PML-N invited India to influence the election results and this is the real approach of this party as the Sharif family can go to any length for personal stakes.

She regretted that the absconder patriarch is trying to become Altaf Hussain second by holding parleys with enemies in London.

Nawaz Sharif should remember the plight of Altaf Hussain who has become a symbol of hate in Pakistan, she said.

The SACM said the people of Pakistan have sacrificed their lives for the country and they will not let any absconder or antagonist weaken the country.

She said the Kashmiris have shown their commitment to the country by supporting PM Imran Khan.

Responding to a question, she said the Kashmiris know that 1m Indian armies have hijacked the occupied Kashmir and Pakistan’s federal govt is burning the midnight oil to project the stance of Kashmiris at every forum.
he so-called political jugglers are not important for them, she said.

Dr Firdous challenged the opposition to bring out any evidence of rigging and suggested Maryam Safdar to better ask PM AJK as everyone was at his disposal including the Election Commission.

The rigging would rather lead to PM AJK. She said that Maryam Safdar is a non-entity and nobody listens and gives any importance to her.

Maryam went to Sialkot to steal the election but returned empty-handed as the people are committed to getting rid of political corruption.

The SOPs were violated as the 4th wave of the corona has engulfed Pakistan through Sindh and Afghanistan and the situation is becoming critical with each passing day, concluded the SACM.


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