Kashmiris eulogised Imran’s struggle for freedom cause: Gandapur

Our Correspondent

Federal Kashmir Affairs Minister Ali Amin Gandapur said on Saturday that Prime Minister Imran Khan was fully committed to the liberation of Jammu and Kashmir from the long forced and illegal occupation of India – since he (IK) have categorically declared that Kashmir will always be the top of the agenda whenever the talks are going to be held with India.

He expressed these views while addressing a mammoth public meeting at Dadayal town in connection with election campaign of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) for the scheduled general elections in Azad Jammu Kashmir on July 25.

Federal minister for communications and postal services Murad Saeed, former AJK Prime Minister Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry, PTI’s candidate in LA-1 Dadayal (Mirpur) Azher Sadiq and others also addressed the public meeting attended by thousands of people from Dadayal and various other parts of Azad Jammu Kashmir.

Gandapur said “Dacoo Rani and Billo Rani did nothing for the nation except looting and plundering the national money only for their personal nourishment”.

He observed that because of his ill-deeds, Zardari was blessed the severe punishment in form of Billo Rani – he said without naming BBZ. The federal minister described both “Dacoo Rani and Billo Rani” as the used cartridges of gun.

Paying rich tributes to the overseas Kashmiris belonging to Dadayal and other parts of Mirpur district, Ali Amin Gandapur said that our expatriates were the great asset of Pakistan since they were contributing a lot to the national exchequer through their remittances of billion of rupees regularly.

He said that on coming into power in Azad Jammu Kashmir, the PTI get restored the right of vote of the overseas Kashmiris to enable them to exercise their right of franchise in the general elections in AJK in the future.

He said that the people of Mirpur sacrificed the ancestral prosperity and graves of their elders to make bright 220 million people of Pakistan through the country’s second largest reservoir – Mangla dam.

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