Kashmiri voice resonating


THE voice of Kashmiri people, who have been living under siege since Aug 5 when India forcibly revoked special status of the disputed territory, is resonating all around the world today yet it is to be seen as how important capital and the United Nations acts practically to free them from imprisoned homes.
The latest forum that has added its voice in support of the oppressed Kashmiris is US Senate Foreign Relations Committee that has called on Indian government to fully restore telecommunications and Internet services, lifts its lockdown-cum-curfew and release thousands of adults and children detained pursuant to New Delhi’s revocation of Article 370. This is the strongest bipartisan condemnation of Indian clampdown after August 5 in the US Senate led by President Trump’s Republican Party. Already, over fifty members of the US Congress have expressed their grave concerns over prevailing situation in the IOK. Credit for this internationalisation of Kashmir dispute definitely goes to Imran Khan led PTI government that has mounted an aggressive diplomacy over the last two months to expose the evil face of Modi government before the world. The way Imran Khan has pleaded the case of Kashmiris at the United Nations General Assembly has made extremist government in India restless as they were not expecting such a firm response from Pakistan but as stated by Foreign Office on Saturday, supporting people of occupied Kashmir is part of Pakistan’s international obligations and moral responsibility.
Another strong voice that is eloquently portraying the plight of Kashmiri people is Mishal Malik, spouse of detained Hurriyat leader Yaseen Malik. Over the years, she has been vociferously referring to worsening situation in IOK, as she understands ground realities better than anybody else. This is the reason that whenever she speaks at different forums, pain and agony of Kashmiri people can be felt in her voice. Mishal was recently in Karachi where addressing a reception she once again shed light on brutalities faced by women in IOK. In our view, such strong Kashmiri voices should be made part of delegations being sent abroad to further highlight Kashmir dispute. Personalities like Mishal Malik can prove to be more effective in presenting case of Kashmir before western world and convincing them to support innocent and armless Kashmiris. Time has also come for international community to fulfil its commitments towards Kashmiri people by giving them right of self-determination as promised by the UNSC.

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