Tribute to nation builders


IT will not be wrong to state that in our country most of the international days are marked without realising their importance. International Day of Teachers also passed on Saturday with customary messages by the top leadership paying tributes to role and contribution of teachers to nation building and development of the society.
Teachers are rightly called architect or builder of a nation but the question arises as to what our authorities concerned especially the education departments both at federal and provincial levels have done to give proper stature to teachers that they deserve. It is the teachers who educate our children and improve their intellectual ken so that they could face challenges of life but they can only perform their duties to the fullest when they are also provided with conducive environment and training. The fact of matter is that in our country teaching profession, by and large, does not attract best talent. Those considered bright either join professions such as medicine and engineering or are attracted by civil service positions. A few exceptions would be some highly respected university faculty and those scientists working at the highest levels of research institutes.
The situation at the primary and secondary level is alarming as low salaries, unattractive working conditions and high teacher student ratio is discouraging the youth to join this sacred profession. In European countries, teaching is regarded as one of the best paid professions yet in our country it is quite the opposite and that is why we are also lagging behind knowledge and technology. As federal government is working to introduce reforms in education sector, welfare of teachers should be given top priority to achieve desired results. To attract the best lot, special grades and allowances should be given to teachers at primary and secondary levels. Refresher courses need to be arranged for them on regular basis so that they could impart education to children as per modern day requirements. It is also important that exploitation of teachers in private schools is also stopped. A standard should be set for private schools vis-à-vis hiring of teachers and their salary packages. Such practical steps will be the best tribute to teachers for their invaluable services and also help improve standard of education in the country.

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