Kashmiri/Sikh on same boat!


Kashmir was a part of Sikh Empire in early 19th Century. British went to war with the Sikhs in 1846. They took over Kashmir and gave it to a Hindu Dogra – proved deceitor – for collaboration during war. So Kashmir had a Hindu ruler when Partition was announced in 1947. Though ‘90%+ Muslim population’ opposed yet, India usurped a part of Kashmir through a false Instrument of Accession. Pakistan intervened and liberated a part of Kashmir in 1948, which is now called Azad Kashmir.
History explains (explicitly) that impasse of Sikh community goes back to 1947. Though Nehru, promised for “separate State” for them yet, not fulfilled till-now. Indian Army invaded “Golden Temple” – holiest place on earth for them in 1984 and crushed them inhumanly. Their Holy Book “Guru Granth Sahib” was torn apartp (openly) in 2015(!!). Sikhism is world’s fifth-largest religion. Indian terrorist organization “RSS” was/is working seriously since long to assimilate Sikhs into Hindu religion. The Indian text books are systematically equating Sikhism with Hinduism. The children in India are being taught – Hinduism is a tree, whereas, Sikhism is fruit of that!!
According to Hindu community of India, Sikhs are still children of lesser God. Certainly; India is a Hindu-country (especially) under the leadership of Modi – an international terrorist, according to Amnesty International. In the wake of Modi mantra “reverse conversion” (Ghar Wapsi), is not only for Muslims. Sikhs and scheduled castes, could be, either brought back into Hinduism or, considered as an-inferior-clan. So, Kashmiris and Sikhs have their invariable right for fighting for freedom!!
Realizing woes of Sikh community while visiting their sacred places in Pakistan, PM Imran Khan decided to open Kartarpur Corridor for them – lot of infrastructure completed. But, ‘Terrorist Modi’ is not agreeing! Is it sense/nonsense aptitude, world has to decide themselves? So everyone will say Kashmiris and Sikhs are passengers of the same boat!!
Tatrinote, AK