Kashmiri Pandits’ forced migration, genocide of Muslims on cards in IIOJK

Raies Ahmad Mir

It seems a repeat of early days of the indigenous Kashmir liberation struggle of the 1990s, when the Indian government forced Kashmiri Pandits to migrate from the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), and put the blame for this migration on Kashmiri freedom fighters and Pakistan.

It’s 2022, but India is trying to put the new wine in old bottles, by repeating 1990s old mantra of blaming Kashmiri freedom lovers and Pakistan for its dirty game and achieving its nefarious targets.

According to the credible information, after getting the occupied valley free from Hindu Pandits, a plan of Muslims’ genocide would be implemented.

It is agenda of Modi regime who is forcing Pandits to leave Kashmir to prepare ground for genocide of Kashmiri Muslims and to defame Kashmiris’ freedom struggle as the Pandits are being targeted in Kashmir is under a well-thought-out plan to create hatred between them and Muslims.

The Indian government is also changing demography of IIOJK as already International experts have warned of impending danger of genocide in IIOJK as US-based Genocide Watch has warned India is preparing for genocide in IIOJK. It is duty of Int’l community to act fast to prevent genocide of Muslims in IIOJK and to resolve Kashmir as per UN resolutions and will and wishes of the people of Jammu and Kashmir which will bring peace and stability.

The plan was aimed at trying to artificially alter the demography of the Muslim population in the occupied valley.

The Indian government was implementing a plan to settle the pandits in separate colonies on the Israeli pattern. However, the Kashmiri Pandit community was protesting over the BJP government’s discriminatory treatment.

With Kashmiri Pandits already unsatisfied over the failure of fulfilling the promise of providing security and the poor law and order in IIOJK, efforts were also being made by the Indian government to create hatred between the Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims.

According to the information, the talks of atrocities on Hindu Pandits in IIOJK were nothing but mere lies and propaganda.

Since the civilians were never ever targeted in the Kashmiri freedom struggle, the claim of targeting Pandits was also incorrect.

India has been portraying the Kashmiris’ freedom struggle as terrorism and communalism for decades.

Under a planned strategy, Hindutva BJP-RSS India by buying some people and established groups in IIOJK promoted them as militant organisations and defamed the original freedom struggle of Kashmir.

Hurriyat leadership, which never forced the Kashmiri Pandits to leave IIOJK, was even today ready to take responsibility for protecting Hindu Pandits in their own places not in separate colonies.

Muslims, who were in favour of the Kashmiri Pandits’ presence in IIOJK, also wanted their participation in the Kashmiris’ self-determination.

The illegal Indian act and violation of International law on August 5, 2019, not only made the life of Kashmiris miserable and terrible but also turned the whole region into destabilisation and unrest.

According to the information, contrary to Indian claims that the situation in IIOJK is returning to normalcy is, in reality, rhetoric and lies for the outside world. The real situation in IIOJK is altogether different.

National Conference President, Farooq Abdullah, on Thursday expressed serious concern over the deteriorating security scenario in the Kashmir valley and reiterated the party’s stand to peacefully fight for the restoration of IIOJK’s identity and dignity.

He said, the killing spree and the pervasive fear among civilians, minorities and other soft targets give a lie to the claims of the Indian government that everything was OK in Kashmir which is not the case. While our brothers and sisters are being targeted in daylight, the Indian government has its head in the sand, he said, this ostrich approach will push the situation to a point of no return. Even after the spate of killings in IIOJK, Kashmiri Pandits threatened to undertake mass migration from the valley if the Indian government did not relocate them to safe places.

The protesters said the target killing of Kashmiri Pandits is continuing and the community is now tired of making appeals to the government.

India is thus trying to create a highly militarized Safe Zone for Kashsmiri Pandits by splitting the Kashmir Valley and enslaving the Muslims of the Valley on a pattern adopted by Israel in Palestine.

Meanwhile, according to Kashmir Media Service, the Indian Home Ministry has reportedly advanced deployment of remaining companies of Indian paramilitary forces and has directed strengthening of forces at Police Stations, Police and Indian troops Posts level in Kashmir valley in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Indian Home Minister Amit Shah, National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval, RAW chief Samant Goel and senior officers of the Home Ministry met in New Delhi on June 02 and discussed the situation arising out of targeted killings in the Valley.

Reports said that out of 350 additional companies of Indian paramilitary forces sanctioned by the Indian Home Ministry what they claim for Shri Amarnath yatra while 150 Indian paramilitary forces have already reached the IIOJK while 200 others were to be deployed between June 10 and 20.

Deployment of these companies is now being advanced and they will be in place well before June 15 which will also help the aggressive operations and designs of anti Kashmir agendas of Modi regime.

The Indian Home Ministry is reported to have called for more military and aggressive policy of Indian troops in the territory.

Hindutva BJPs Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha in IIOJK, Indian NSA Ajit Doval, Army chief Gen Manoj Pande, Chief Secretary Dr Arun Kumar Mehta, Principal Secretary Home RK Goyal, DGP Dilbag Singh and heads of all paramilitary forces and Central Intelligence agencies are expected to attend the second meeting today, (June 3) in Indian capital New Delhi.—KMS