Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust sends supplies worth


Rs60m for victims of earthquake in Afghanistan

President Azad Jammu & Kashmir Barrister Sultan MehmoodChaudhry has said that there are great people who do service to the people. Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust has done a good deed by arranging education and training for poor and helpless children.

The KORT is an exemplary welfare institution from which the graduates are rendering invaluable services in all walks of life.

Addressing the gathering, President AJK Barrister Sultan MehmoodChaudhry said that today’s ceremony: was Emergency Relief for the Earthquake Victims of Afghanistan. Afghans have been suffering for a long time. The earthquake in Afghanistan has caused a lot of damage.

He said that he had returned from a visit abroad a few days ago, and had informed the outside world about the HR violations and Indian atrocities in IIOJ&K especially fake cases against Yasin Malik.

India is fulfilling its nefarious aims by settling Hindus there in the style of Israel. So far 4 million Hindus have been issued domiciles in Kashmir. He again paid Tribute to the services of Chairman KORT ChaudhryAkhtar (TI).

Chairman Jammu & Kashmir Salvation Movement (J&KSM) Altaf Ahmed Bhat while addressing the function said that I offer my heartfelt congratulations to the Chairman of the KORTtChaudhryAkhtar (TI) and his entire team for their effortless work in Education, Social Welfare and Relief activities not only in Pakistan but in Afghanistan as well.

ChaudhryAkhtar is a providing very painstaking service to humanity. We salute this spirit of ChaudhryAkhtar. We should offer encouragement and appreciation to those who come to the aid of helpless people.

Addressing the gathering, Pakistan’s Special Representative for Afghanistan Mohammad Sadiq said, “I am very happy to be here today. KORT is working tirelessly in the service of the people on a large scale.

When the earthquake hit Afghanistan, Pakistan was the first to reach for aid. Apart from the government level, private institutions also came to the rescue. Pakistan opened the border. While Azad Kashmir has also announced an aid of Rs 100 million for Afghanistan.

Addressing the gathering, Chairman KORT ChaudhryAkhtar (TI) said that he was very grateful to President Azad Kashmir Barrister Sultan MehmoodChaudhry for giving him time for today’s program. Supplies worth Rs 60 million were sent to Afghanistan. It is a pity that there was no report on any media channel about this disastrous Earthquake in Afghanistan. We should come to the aid of the affected people.


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