Kashmala: Allegations against husband, son baseless Appeals to PM to see CCTV footage of Monday night accident

Zubair Qureshi

Federal Ombudsman for Anti-Harassment Kashmala Tariq, while reacting to Monday night’s accident in Islamabad, said that the allegations against her husband and son regarding their involvement are baseless.

While addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Tuesday she said that the law must make its course but the media should not level baseless allegations against us.
While giving details, she said she, her son was coming in the car that was behind their car and it was the driver who hit (violated the red light).

The impact was huge and my husband and I momentarily went into shock.
She clarified that her family was travelling with just two vehicles, not a motorcade.
They were coming from Lahore in two cars, one having her and her husband while her son and a police guard were in the other vehicle. “We crossed the toll plaza around 10:30 last night,” she said.

“Suddenly, there was a harsh impact and we fell towards the front seats”, she added.
Expressing grief over the accident, Kashmala Tariq said that four precious lives were lost that night and she prayed a lot for them. We are facing a very strange situation, we too could have been killed in the accident”, Kashmala said.

“I have no words to express my condolences to their mothers,” she said.
She appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to look into the matter himself and decide after seeing the CCTV footage of the incident.

We remained present at the scene and called for ambulance and sent the dead and the injured to the hospital, she said.

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