Karandaaz design thinking services


Staff Reporter


Karandaaz has announced the launch of a new programme to subsidize design thinking services for Digital Financial Service (DFS) providers offering products and services through mobile and web-based platforms. Karandaaz aims to promote digital financial products and services that address the needs of the customers; create more valuable, appealing, and user-friendly solutions; and expand financial inclusion in the country. More often than not, digital financial products are complex when presented digitally and hence many customers are reluctant to use them. This builds a gap in trust leading to lower adoption. Creating the products using Design Thinking lowers the complexity and improves customer trust and adoption. Many upcoming DFS providers are unable to engage the services of expert design thinkers while developing solutions due to the paucity of resources resultantly missing out on critical insights, skills, and knowledge of international best practices. Subsidy offered by Karandaaz will bridge this gap and improve the efficacy of home grown solutions. The range of services covered under the programme includes design research, user experience design, user interface design, usability audit, and product and service design.

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