Karachiites eye KCR revival over SC’s notice


Despite all the hurdles, citizens are hopeful that transport issues of the city might get solved as the Supreme Court has taken notice of the matter.


Asad Shaikh, when contacted, said that the KCR’s closure has not only increased traffic in the city but also hiked up pollution.


Shaikh, who is also a social worker, said that a circular railway project is crucial to keeping a city’s environment clean and green.Wajid Raza, a resident of Bihar Colony, said that he used to travel from Model to City Station via circular railway to reach his educational institution, DJ College.


At present, however,  due to the KCR’s closure, he has to travel long distances in public buses whose condition have deteriorated over time.


The circular railway project is important for the city not only in terms of transport facilities, but it also helps in curbing pollution. The Karachiites have pinned their hopes on the revival of the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) as the metropolis’ transport system continues to worsen with every passing day.New projects for transportation in the city have been reduced to a distant dream for the citizens of Karachi, who have been fed up of the worsening traffic situation and the dilapidated state of the buses.


The project’s revival, now mandated by the Supreme Court, is marred by many obstacles. It was stalled for a long time in the past, so much so that people thought it had been abandoned. Consequently, they built buildings on the tracks as well as the surrounding lands.In light of the increasing transportation problems being faced by citizens of Karachi, however,  the apex court took a sou-motu notice of the KCR issue and ordered its restoration.


After the SC’s order, federal and provincial authorities have apparently started ramping up the work on the project’s revival, and although it isn’t up to the mark, the KCR has started functioning once again.