Karachi may experience heatwave after March 30


On Sunday, the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) forecast that a heatwave will begin in Karachi after March 30, with temperatures reaching 39°C.

In the coming days, some areas of Sindh and Balochistan will face extreme weather, according to the PMD.

Since the western system is no longer in the region, meteorologists predict that the wind direction in Karachi will change, with dry and hot winds blowing from the northwest.

Residents of Karachi have been urged to remain indoors throughout the day.

Keeping hydrated and consuming fruits with a high water content are often advised by experts during the heatwave.

According to the PMD, a shallow westerly wave is affecting the upper sections of the region, bringing hot and dry weather to most plain areas of the country, as well as extremely hot weather in Sindh and central/south Balochistan throughout the day.

According to the PMD, the temperature in Karachi could reach 37°C during the day, with humidity of 64 percent and winds of 18 km per hour.