Karachi Avenue Rotary disburses ration among poor


Ramazan is a month of blessings and an opportunity gain God’s favours by helping the impoverished segment of society, said America Pakistan Business Development Forum (AMPAK BDF) President Sheikh Imtiaz Hussain on the occasion of distribution of ration bags to the deserving people by Rotary Club of Karachi Avenue.


AMPAK BDF Senior Vice President Junaid-ur-Rehman, Vice President Shazia Matin, General Secretary Afsheen Abid, Coordinator Faisal Maqsood, Abid Hussain and others were also present.

Shiekh Imtiaz said in this divine month the levels of Allah’s blessings increase many times over over good deeds so besides praying we should remember the needs of the poor in this holy month.


He said that inflation has broken the back of the people as the poor have become poorer and if inflation continues to rise at the same pace, people will soon be forced to commit suicide.

Sheikh Imtiaz said that philanthropists should remember their poor fellows in the blessed month.

The AMPAK BDF president said all over the world, the prices of food items are reduced in this holy month in solidarity with their Muslim brethren. But in Pakistan it is otherwise.

He said that the government should take strict measures to control the prices of essential items and take action against hoarders in this holy month.


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