Kamal fears revenge from US after Afghan humiliation



Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Mustafa Kamal on Saturday said that the United States will not remain silent on the embarrassment it has faced in Afghanistan and will take revenge on Pakistan.

Billions of dollars of Indian investment against Pakistan in Afghanistan has gone in vain.Our enemy will never put boots on the ground in Pakistan but as usual will work on fault lines by creating agents for the fulfillment of their nefarious designs.

Kamal said that deprived of basic amenities and divided on the basis of sects, languages and political parties, people will be used by Pakistan’s enemies to destabilize Pakistan.

He said that when People do not see the situation improving and the state does not take practical steps for the resolution of public issues, they will have nothing to lose.

The United States and NATO countries believe that the reason for their defeat in Afghanistan is Pakistan, which they will try to avenge.

Pakistan is facing immense challenges. Today, Afghanistan requires the representation of all parties in the government at the national level to ensure peace. This is what Pakistan needs to deal with all the challenges.

The government must not try to defeat the opposition and the opposition must not try to defeat the government. We have to unite by stopping the political misadventures.

Smooth internal affairs are urgently needed to deal with external threats. We are urging the state institutions that if we do not keep our people satisfied in these difficult times and the situation of corruption, malpractice, incompetence and negligence remains the same, then Pakistan will become such a target from within that the world will forget Afghanistan.

To prevent the country from destabilization, governance and way of government need to be improved.


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