Kamal concerned over dilapidated municipal conditions in Baldia Town


Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal, who is also the party candidate for NA 249,has said the parties having governments in the federation and Sindh were trying to get the by-elections postponed by the election commission.

He expressed these views while addressing the party president Anis KaimKhani and members of the Central Executive Committee and National Council outside the Central Election Office of NA-249.

“They were making lame excuses of Covid-19, and Ramazan, while the grim fact is, that they have turned water-starved Baldia Town into Karbala during the last 10 years.”

During mayorship tenure, I had laid down 6 million gallons of water line for Baldia Town, which was enough to cater the needs of area people for the next 30 years. But currently, there are 178 illegal connections and 25 hydrants on this water line.

These hydrants are not of the poor people, but of the elected representatives of the Baldia who are stealing water from the people of the constituency and selling it to them in connivance with their political parties.

This is the reason why all political parties have joined hands and develop consensus on the agenda that they will not let PSP to be elected from the constituency.

One thing is clear, whatsoever would be the election result, I will surely get these 25 illegal hydrants closed down.

Those who were in the small positions possessed hydrants and wedding halls, illegally.

I built the whole of Karachi, I have no wedding hall, no hydrants at all.

This is our character that these people are afraid of our flawless past. Hats off to the Election Commission for rejecting the lame excuses of these ruling parties to flee the elections.

PTI had MNA in past, and it has an MPA currently, PPP has MPA, MQM had a district chairman here.

PML-N had hold of 4 UCs, people cast thousands of votes but no one remembered the people of the area and their problems before the elections.