Kabul’s mischievous comments


THE Ministry of Foreign Affairs has termed its Afghan counterpart’s renewed refusal to recognise the international border between Afghanistan and Pakistan as “irresponsible and unwarranted”. The Afghan foreign ministry in a statement issued on Friday in response to the opening of the 24-hour Torkham crossing by Pakistan earlier in the week said that Kabul “does not recognize the Durand Line as an official border between the two countries”.
The mischievous remarks by Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that too in response to a measure that Pakistan has taken to facilitate travel and trade between the two countries is a clearly testimony as to who is to be blamed for repeated breach of trust and confidence between the two otherwise brotherly countries. Unfortunately, the provocative statement comes at a time when Pakistan is making strenuous efforts not just to improve relations with Afghanistan but also provide meaningful assistance to help restore much-needed peace and security in the war torn country. In fact, some elements in Afghanistan have been in the habit of using the issue of Durand Line for political objectives and point scoring, forgetting that their approach was spoiling relationship with a country that always came to the rescue of Afghan people. Pakistan has been bearing the brunt of Afghan instability in terms of economy and security and there are still millions of Afghan refugees enjoying Pakistani hospitality. As pointed out by the Foreign Office, Pakistan-Afghanistan border is an internationally recognised, official border between the two countries in accordance with all relevant international laws and conventions. Pakistan has been pursuing a policy of peace and good neighbourly policy and as per this approach it avoids taking things to the extreme, otherwise there is no let up in trouble making from the other side despite facilitation of trade and movement of people for the land-locked country. Apart from anti-Pakistan statements, there have also been repeated attacks on this side of the border from Afghan side but Islamabad always exercised restraint for the sake of peace and security. Kabul ought to realize the folly of levelling baseless allegations against Pakistan time and again as these run counter to interests of regional peace and security.

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