Kabul’s foreign relations ‘improving’: Doha Spokesman


The Islamic Emirate’s political office in Doha said the Islamic Emirate has designated some diplomats for several countries to represent the Islamic Emirate. Mohammad Naeem, the spokesman of the Doha office, said Kabul’s relations with foreign countries are improving.

“Our diplomatic relations started with some big countries like Russia, China and Turkey and improved gradually, finally the political offices of Afghanistan surrendered to the Islamic Emirate,” said Mohammad Naeem. He further added that the premature collapse of the republic government caused delays in recognizing the Islamic Emirate’s government in Afghanistan, saying foreign countries had not expected such a collapse.

“A change happened, despite all expectations across the world, the collapse of the previous government destroyed their plans,” said Mohammad Naeem Wardak. Several countries kept their political offices open in Kabul, but no country has officially recognized the new government of Afghanistan.

“A government cannot introduce diplomats and activate an embassy when it has not been recognized by the international community,” said Sayed Haroon Hashimi, a political analyst. This comes as the international community stated earlier that the new government of Afghanistan will not be recognized unless it upholds human rights, especially the rights of women and girls, forms an inclusive government, and prevents groups from launching attacks from Afghan soil.—Tolo News


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