Kabul to address border tensions with diplomacy



Following reports over a possible military clash between Afghan and Pakistani forces in Chahar Burjak district of Nimroz province, the Islamic Emirate said Saturday that the issue will be addressed via diplomacy. The tensions come as the Islamic Emirate and Pakistani border forces were reportedly on high alert Friday after a Pakistani chopper was shot at along the Durand Line in Nimroz province. The Pakistani side announced preparation for a military response.

Reportedly a Pakistani army general was injured in the chopper incident in Zakir village of Chahar Burjak district. Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, said Afghanistan never seeks tension with any country including neighbors.

“The Islamic Emirate wants good relations with all countries including neighbors and does not want to be involved in any kind of tension. Officials of the Islamic Emirate are attempting to solve this and all issues by negotiations and understanding,” said Bilal Karimi.

Meanwhile, sources told TOLOnews that both countries have assigned delegations to discuss the problem.

The Pakistani government has yet to officially comment on the problem.

“A Pakistani army helicopter was shot, no one was killed, the Pakistani side said this. They have not said that Taliban members fired, but the incident happened. The Pakistanis asked for an explanation of who did it,” said Taher Kahn, a Pakistani journalist.

“We will choose diplomatic ways, if the Pakistani side comes via diplomatic ways. But if they use force, Pakistanis should know that they will face a nation that defeated NATO,” said Hikmatullah Hikmat, a military expert.—Tolo News


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