Kabul struggling with high fuel prices, municipality imposes price cap


The price of fuel, and also the price of taxi fares, have surged, causing a strain for many who are struggling to make ends meet amid an economic crisis.

The taxi drivers said that the price of one liter of diesel is 100 Afs, which caused a surge in the taxi fare as well.

“The price of oil has surged. We can just make barely enough money and the rest is all spent on fuel,” said Zabiullah, a driver.

The Kabul residents meanwhile complained over the high taxi fares.

“I am from Paktia I live in Chahar Asia (district of Kabul), the fare used to be 80 Afs but it is now 180 Afs, the price of everything has surged: fuel, oil, rice and all food materials,” said Mohammad Sabir, a resident of Kabul.

Meanwhile, the Kabul municipality said that it has imposed a price cap on fuel but the price of oil has surged in the international market.

The price cap enforced by the Kabul municipality called for the price of one liter of diesel to be101 Afs. But one liter of diesel is being sold for 100 Afs in Kabul.

“Afghanistan is a country relying on imports and the price of oil and food materials has surged worldwide and when the prices increase in productive countries, other countries also face an increase,” said Wassiullha Zahid, press director of Kabul Municipality.

The surge in the oil prices has also caused a spike in the prices of food materials.—Tolonews