Ministry of Information celebrates National Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is being celebrated in Afghanistan as many Afghan women are struggling with severe poverty and many other challenges.

The Ministry of Information and Culture held a gathering on Tuesday to mark the National Day of Mother.

“The Almighty Allah considers equal rights to all… Mothers have high rights based on Islam,” said Hassan Ahkami, an advisor to the Ministry of Information and Culture.

Belqees, 75, has been working in a canteen to support her family of nine members.

“It would be better if I could stay at home. Someone will come to me and congratulate me on the day. Bring me a flower or a veil,” she said.

Yalda is a mother of several children who works on the Kabul streets to feed her children and disabled husband.

“It has been three years that I work here. My husband is disabled. He can’t work. One of my children goes to school, I took him from school and bring him here with me,” she said.

“I work with my mom and I congratulate all mothers. If the situation was good, I would buy her a gift but I can only congratulate her now,” said Nazneen, Yalda’s daughter.

Some Afghan children said they are unable to purchase gifts for their mothers due to economic difficulties.