Kabul residents criticize ‘Unfair’ distribution of Aid to the needy



A number of Kabul residents on Friday criticized “a lack of transparency” in the aid distribution aid by welfare organizations to needy families and said that it is not distributed to those who need to be helped.

Sabir, a Kabul resident, said he is faced with economic problems due to unemployment but he has not received aid from relevant organizations.

“If there is aid so why we don’t receive it? We are in a tough situation,” said Sabir, a Kabul resident.

“We face many problems. I am so sad about it. We need to be assisted,” said Simagul, a Kabul resident.

The residents said that they need to be provided job opportunities by the government and relevant institutions.

“All these people need humanitarian aid before they find a job but now there is no job opportunity and everyone is faced with economic problems,” said Nasimullah, a Kabul resident.

“We live here in District 17 (of Kabul) and have seven children. I live in a rented house. I have not received any aid so far,” said Humayun Haidari, a Kabul resident.

But a World Food Program spokesman Wahidullah Amani said the organization lacks enough budget to distribute aid to all those in need. He reiterated that the organization will distribute aid to women and displaced people in the first place.

“WFP does not have enough budget to assist all the people. We have to find the needy families and evaluate them and those who are in need and the most vulnerable will be selected for getting WFP’s aid,” said Amani.

This comes as the United Nations said that 20 million people in Afghanistan are faced with hunger and that 97 percent of Afghans are living in poverty.—Tolonews