Kabul blast



THERE is no let-up in terrorist incidents in the war-torn Afghanistan which is also faced with the dire humanitarian situation.

In the latest despicable act, at least five people were killed and several others wounded by a suicide bomber near the Afghan Foreign Ministry in Kabul, where a Chinese delegation was due to meet on Wednesday.

This is once again a stark reminder of the precarious security situation in Afghanistan.

Though the new regime there claims to have improved security since assuming power back in 2021 but there have been a number of attacks in recent past including on the Pakistani and Russian embassies as well as a hotel catering to Chinese businessmen.

The responsibility of Wednesday’s attack has been claimed by the Islamic State (IS) group. The Taliban government must understand that these terrorist groups including the TTP pose a serious threat to Afghanistan as well as the neighbouring countries.

Pakistan has repeatedly raised this matter with Kabul to take a decisive action against the terrorists but the call appears to be falling on deaf ears.

If the Afghan government is really interested in rebuilding its conflict-ridden country and steer its people out of hunger and backwardness, it will have to act against terrorists sooner rather than later.

There are some countries, especially China, that have shown the intent to invest in Afghanistan.

Most recently, the Afghan Commerce Minister in an interview also laid out a plan to develop industry by creating special economic zones.

But both the investment and the industrial plan will not materialize until the security is improved.

International community must also engage with the Afghan authorities and provide them the necessary support to root out these terrorist groups.

Abandoning the Afghan government will only further worsen the situation. A stable Afghanistan is important for regional peace and security.