JUI holds peace demonstration in Wana, Lower Waziristan

Adam Khan Wazir

Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam organized Peace Message Protest demonstration in Wana, Lower Waziristan,

A large number of people participated in the demonstration.

On this occasion, JUI Wana President Maulana Mir Zajan and General Secretary Maulana Rafiuddin Wazir and other presented a joint resolution while addressing the protest demonstration. The joint resolution said.

Establishing a peaceful government becomes the responsibility of the time, therefore a peaceful government should be established in the entire merged districts, especially in Lower Waziristan, through the mediation of mass public power.

JUI leaders demanded that all drugs should be completely banned in Waziristan and all drug centers should be dismantled.

And at the same time black glasses, extortion and kidnapping should be prevented.

Local leaders said that the notification of two districts of South Waziristan should be implemented and all line department offices should be shifted to Lower Waziristan.

Also, the two national seats of South Waziristan should be maintained and the provincial seats should be increased. All facilities for trade and traffic should be provided at Angoor Adda Gate.

Gomel zam Road should be reconstructed.