JI seeks SHC order for election in remaining Karachi UCs



Jamaat Islami Karachi’s chief Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman has petitioned the Sindh High Court for election in remaining 11 union committees of Karachi.Hafiz Naeem talking to media in Sindh High Court premises said that local council elections were not held at 11 seats of UC chairman and vice chairman in Karachi owing to the demise of candidates or for some other reasons.“The election commission was contacted for holding election at remaining union committees, but it is avoiding, complete the process,” JI leader said.

He has pleaded to the high court for an order to the election commission to conduct immediate election on remaining 11 seats to complete the process of mayorship in Karachi.Hafiz Naeem, who has been the JI candidate for Karachi Mayor, said that “unfortunately the election commission has failed to fulfill its constitutional responsibility. We fought for holding local government polls for years, elections held but the next phase could not be completed”.“The election conducted but the house has not been completed yet,” he said. “The election commission has been hostage in Sindh government’s hands.”

“We have filed a petition today for urgent elections in 11 local constituencies”.“People’s Party has claimed to bring the PPP’s mayor in Karachi and the election commission is siding with the Sindh government,” he alleged.