Jhang police patronize land grabbers Rightful owners forced to face criminals, police alike

Staff Reporter

The land grabbers are active in district Jhang with the connivance of police authorities concerned to illegally occupy the lands of rightful owners.

Three Bonafide owners of a piece of land are in illegal custody of Jhang police against a fake FIR only to pave the path for grabbers to occupy their rightful land.

Two Sub-Inspectors – Irshad Imrana and Nawaz Sipra posted at the Jhang Satellite Police Station are patronizing the land grabbers due to the reasons best known to them.

AS per details, Shareef Maachi, a resident of Mauza Asaba with his nephews Noubahar, Bilal and few other armed persons tried to snatch and occupy a piece of land owned Irshad Khan, Zahid Khan, Shahid Khan, Sardar Asfar Khan and Shehzad Khan etc in Chak Syed wala in the remit of Satellite Town Police.

It is to be noted that accused Shareef Maachi has criminal history and has been involved in certain cases of road robberies and dacoities.

According to locals of the area, Maachi remained involved in snatching tractors from the farmers in the past.

Several cases have already been registered against him with different police stations of the district Jhang.

Shareef Maachi purchased a piece of land from his nephews names – Bilal and Noubahar in Chak Syed wala and then tried to encroach upon the adjacent piece of land owned by Irshad Khan and others.

It is pertinent to mention here that aggrieved party Irshad Khan and his brothers are affectees of Tarbela Dam who were allotted the land in 1973 and they possessed the land in question since then.

Shareef through his nephews – Bilal and Noubahar purchased land and planned to encroach and occupy the land owned by Irshad khan etc with the connivance of officials of the Jhang Satellite Police.

To materialize his nefarious design, he earlier got an FIR registered with the police station concerned against Irshad Khan, Sardar Afsar and Shehzad Khan on the charges of soil theft.

Interestingly, Sub Inspector Irshad Imrana not only registered FIR against Irshad etc without any verification but also arrested them immediately.

It’s merits mention here that ascertaining boundaries of land is a job of the Revenue department and not the police.

After the arrest of three innocent people and keeping them in his illegal custody for the last six days, SI Imrana has sought a report from the Revenue department to know the facts.

Three people are in physical custody of police for the last six days although they aggrieved and should have been provided justice.

The only objective behind arrest of innocent people was to harass and threaten them to let the grabbers grab their rightful land.

In the meanwhile Sub Inspector Nawaz Sipra came forward to provide service to the land grabbers and when the owners of the land were in police custody he accompanied land grabbers to visit the site and asked the grabbers to plant trees in the land in question to confirm their illegal possession on land of the arrested persons.

All this was committed in the darkness of night and in the supervision of SI Nawaz due to reasons best known to him.

On his return Sipra was quoted as saying to the locals of the area, “Warn the Pathans (Irshad etc) not to come towards the land otherwise I will take them to Police stations while dragging them in front of villagers”.

When contacted SHO concerned Shakeeb Raza, he showed his ignorance about the issue and said that since the matter was related to the revenue department he has sought a report from Revenue department to know the facts.


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