Jesus and his classmates . . !


IT was the annual parent’s teacher’s meeting at the local Jewish school. The teacher, a lady with a long, hooked nose, looked at the parents sitting in front of her, they were many and she wondered irritably how long it would take before she finished with all of them.

“Next,” she shouted, and watched as a beautiful young mother walked up to her desk and sat on the stool in front.

The teacher looked at the young mother and was startled by the calm and peace the woman had. “You are.” she asked. “Mrs Joseph,” said the young mother. Her voice was sweet and melodic and the teacher smiled despite the pressure of the other waiting parents. “Your child’s name?” “Jesus!” “Jesus?” asked the teacher.

“Why? Is there anything wrong?” asked the young mother. “Yes!” said the teacher. “No!” “What?” asked the mother, her face troubled for a moment.

“There is no wrong in your child! No wrong at all!” “He is Jesus,” said young mother. “But I have met no child who can do no wrong!” cried the teacher. “This classroom is blessed with his presence.”

“It should be,” said the mother, “he is Jesus.” “Why do you repeat his name? I know his name is Jesus.” “Wonderful counselor!” “Yes I have seen that with the other children.

They crowd round him and he guides them with his words. He listens to their little problems, removes their worries. He is indeed a wonderful counselor.”

“The Prince of Peace!” “How often I have seen him so,” sighed the teacher. “Fights and quarrels in this class are resolved by him.

He separates them. He understands and makes them forgive.” The teacher looked up as the other parents started crowding round the table. “Is this the mother of Jesus?” a bearded man asked.

“Yes,” said the teacher, “she is.” “My son has changed because of him. He was a weak boy and I despaired of him ever getting any confidence in himself, till one day he had a long chat with Jesus; I have never seen a boy change so dramatically. Thank your son for what he did to my child.”

“My daughter thought she was ugliest girl in class, Jesus has made her think different,” said another young mother. “My child was a cheat, now he is a changed boy!” said another parent. “Mine was sick, now he is healthy.”

“He has saved mine from talking dirty” And mine from depression and despair.” “He is Jesus,” said Mary his young mother softly. “He has come to save..!”

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