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Migratory birds

We have a great diversity of fauna and flora. Different types of climatic conditions have developed specific types of natural vegetation that is supportive to various types of living organisms.

We have large inland water reservoirs that have many species of fishes as well as local and migratory birds.

Millions of birds come to Pakistan every year during winters. They stay here for a short period and leave at the end of season.

This number, unfortunately, is decreasing at a great pace. The most important reason is changing climatic pattern followed by different types of pollutions.

Pakistan is among the countries, which are highly affected by changing pattern of rain. This water is basic of our reservoirs and lakes.

Manccher Lake in Sindh remained unfilled during last many years. Fortunately, after many years this lake was filled during last year due to high rainfall in Monsoon season.

This lake hosts thousands of migratory birds every year but with less water, they find less space, food and shelter that decreases their number.

Secondly, addition of saline and poisonous water to this lake by different drain is dangerously polluting this lake. Finally, illegal hunting of these birds is also going on.


Hub bypass road

It is an appreciable move of provincial government for constructing a bypass road that connects Balochistan to Sindh throughout Hub City.

The aim of constructing it was easy transportation movement as long vehicles have been chiefly responsible for record accidents in the city.

Likewise, people from other areas of Balochistan can travel easily to Karachi by using this road.

But neither drivers prefers using this bypass nor those people travelling to Karachi. The bypass seems to be of no use anymore because every driver chooses to use City Road.

Furthermore, due to entrance of heavy vehicles in the city, citizens face a lot of difficulties. They deal with huge traffic that wastes too much time.

As a consequence of traffic congestion, many residents arrive late at workplaces, meetings or other private visits.

Apart from this, students get late for their classes and many serious patients died in ambulances due to heavy traffic congestion.

Above all, over-speeding by drivers increases road accidents in the city and many people have become victims of these road accidents.

Especially, young people are the prey while crossing the road and riding bikes. To sum up, government must take steps so that heavy vehicles and other mode of transports use this bypass road to reduce load on City road.

Wadh, Khuzdar

Role of doctors

Doctors play an important role in our society. They devote their life for welfare of general public.

However, there are still some things that they need to do in order to serve people in a true sense. For instance, they use brand names in prescriptions instead of formulae.

Despite the fact that doctors charge hefty fees, they feel compelled to listen to pharmaceutical companies to help sell their medicines.

The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (Drap) has made it obligatory for all doctors to write formula medicines instead of brand names.

This might seem a petty issue to doctors, but it adds to suffering of poor masses as they become overburdened with financial issues.

Moreover, doctors need to be more frank. They should tell people whether a patient with particular health issues falls within domain of their field.

On the other hand, doctors these days try to cure every patient that goes to them. For example, if there is a case of psychiatrist and the patient is taken to cardiologist, he/she tries to cure it.

This should be discouraged. It is doctor’s moral duty to refer a patient to concerned specialist. Last but not the least, doctors approach should be holistic. They should give ample time to a patient during check-up for proper diagnosis.

Larkana, Sindh

Skyrocketing prices

Recently, I went to a garage to buy a bottle of oil for my brother’s bike. I gave the person at counter rupees three hundred and was waiting that he will return me fifty rupees yet instead he said,” price of this bottle has been raised from 250 to 300?” I was saddened. Fifty rupees was not a big deal but sudden hike in the price was shocking.

Apart from that, the price of a pack of ordinary juice has increased from 35 to 50. Not only this, prices of many eatables and basic commodities have inflated creating problems for the public. We might think fifty or fifteen rupees cannot harm a man but it is not one man but entire nation. The price hike is affecting the masses collectively.

The incumbent government should have mercy on the public. As Covid-19 has already disturbed people a lot, people were hopeful for positive change in during leadership of Imran Khan but this ‘change’ has brought more miseries?

Hub city

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