Jashan-e-Baharan ‘Orakzai festival’ continues to attract crowds


A two-day colourful Jashan-e-Baharan festival is underway smoothly in Orakzai tribal district which was gripping the attention of crowds of tourists and promoting tourism in the province. Officials of the district administration talking to a Private news channel said that local and foreign tourists had come to the valley in large numbers to see and enjoy the unique culture and traditions.

The administration was providing fool-proof security, lighting and transportation to the tourists and local residents so they could celebrate the event in a befitting manner, they added. A local resident of the area commented that the authority is utilizing all available resources to promote tourism in the adjoining districts of the province through this first ever festival.

There are many beautiful tourist places in the Orakzai district, and the authority was given full attention to promote tourism in the region by providing all facilities, said a foreign tourist while enjoying multiple local games in festival.

The festival is showcasing musical performances, traditional Khattak dance performances, recitals by local poets and a spectacular fireworks displays, said distirct management worker.