Disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation project launched



The district administration in collaboration with Tameer E Khalaq Foundation (TKF) has organized a one-day event to launch the project ‘Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation’, here. The project, financed by International Organization for Migration (IOM), has been started in two village councils of Tehsil Draban of the district. The event was attended by men and women from diverse walks and thoughts of life besides the heads of numerous district-level government departments, social workers, Ex-local body representatives, NGOs, INGOs, community elders, and a significant amount of activists.

TKF Provincial Coordinator Dr Niamat Ali stressed the collaborative efforts to reduce the damages brought on by natural disasters. He said the project’s Launching Event was aimed to inform various stakeholders about the newly launched project, its goals and objectives. Besides, he fully explained the methodology and key activities of the project before the participants.

Dr Nimat Ali added, “It is crucial for the local population to be informed of potential risks and disasters in order to manage them and reduce the likelihood of human casualties as well as financial risks and losses from natural disasters. He said, “School-based Disaster Risk Reduction activities will also be carried out to minimize and manage the disasters.