Japan to take 340,000 skilled workers from Pakistan in next 5 years


Zubair Qureshi

The government of Japan is all set to induct some 340,000 skilled workers and professional from Pakistan in next five years.
The landmark decision has been made after a recent heated debate in the Japanese Parliament that agreed to amend constitution and allow increase in number of skilled workers from other countries.
Pakistan is one of the top ten countries from where the workers would be taken from Pakistan.
Ambassador of Japan Kuninori Matsuda broke this positive news at a ceremony hosted in honour of the President of MEXT Alumni Association of Pakistan (MAAP), Dr Nasir M Khan.
Dr Nasir has been selected for the Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendations certificate 2019 in recognition of his association’s work for growing Pakistan-Japan ties in various areas.
MAAP is Pakistani alumni’s of Japanese universities and making significant contributions towards the promotion of educational relations between Japan and Pakis-
Ambassador Kuninori Matsuda further said not only new skilled workers would be allowed to work in Japan but work visa of those already staying in the country would also be extended. Pakistani community is already contributing to the Japanese economy and infrastructure with its wonderful work.
He encouraged the Pakistani workers, youths and professionals to learn Japanese language which will be the primary requirement for applying in various fields of Japan’s professional sector.
He mentioned 14 areas specifically where these new workers would be inducted. They are: Information Technology (IT), Agriculture, Fishing, construction, ship breaking and others.
The Ambassador hoped that the MAAP members can play a vital role in extending their cooperation in this regard by advising those Pakistanis who wish to work in Japan as skilled workers on the language, lifestyle and culture of Japan.
The Embassy of Japan will soon sign a MoU with the Government of Pakistan in this connection and this will play a vital role in contributing to the human resource and economic development of Pakistan as well as in promoting bilateral cooperation, said the Ambassador.

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