Jamaat-e-Islami stages sit-ins atover 50 locations for Karachi’s rights


Jamaat-e-Islamicity Ameer Hafiz NaeemurRehman and other leaders of Karachi addressed the sit-ins at more than 50 places across the city under Karachi Rights Movement. The participants were enthusiastic.


Hafiz Naeem addressed the sit-ins at Qayyumabad, Kala Pul, Regal Chowk and Noorani Kebab House, demanding protection of the people of Karachi and solution of their problems.


He demanded that in order to give legitimate and legal rights to 30 million people of Karachi and to solve the serious problems of the city, a double census should be conducted in Karachi, quota system should be abolished and thousands of educated youths of Karachi should be given official status.


“They should be given the right to jobs; they should be given jobs in Sindh government and local bodies on priority basis. For the empowered city government in Karachi, the current Local Body Act should be repealed and local body elections should be declared immediately.” The JI leader demanded that 15-year forensic audit of K Electric should be conducted and billions of rupees should be returned to the national institutions and the people. “Ensure uninterrupted supply of gas to the industries, CNG stations and domestic consumers running the economy, activate the green line system immediately and run at least 1000 buses immediately to solve the transport problems in the city.”


He said PPP, MQM and PTI have formed an alliance against the interests of Karachi, the ruling parties are only scoring points instead of solving public problems. Hafiz Naeem said that in the recent tax review, 41% tax was collected from Karachi while the rest of the tax was collected from the entire country. However, Karachi is given only a few percent of the budget of the federal and provincial governments. Out of the Rs 1100 billion package announced by the government, four months have passed and only 5% has been implemented.


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