IWA oversight helps resolve health clinic problems


Problems of a health clinic in the Jabalus Saraj dis-trict of central Parwan prov-ince have been resolved as a result of oversight by the In-tegrity Watch Afghanistan (IWA) with the cooperation of Kahkashan group.

IWA and Kahkashan officials made the claim while vising the Sar-i-Hawz health centre in Jabalus Saraj district.

The social monitoring pro-gramme for health centres in Parwan was launched in the beginning of this year through IWA with the financial sup-port of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Baryalai Bahadur, head of the Kahkashan group, said the lack of necessary medicines, female vaccinators, staff ab-sence during work hours, lack of cleanliness, uniforms and late arrival of doctors were among the problems at the Sar-i-Hawz clinic.

However, the issues have now been resolved as a result of oversight by the institute, ac-cording to Bahadur.

He hailed the creation of the health and people’s councils, examination of patients based on turn, cleanliness of toilets, control of visitors and ensur-ing staff attendance as achievements of IWA.

Bahadur called the shortage of female nurses and the lack of safe drinking water the main problems that were yet to be resolved.

A meeting was held from IWA, Provincial Trust Network, civil groups in Sar-i-Hawz clinic in Jab-ul-Siraj district with fund-ing from UNDP to improve public services.

Bahadur added IWA, in coop-eration with Kahkashan group, had monitored and evaluated 16 health centers in Parwan in less than a year.

He informed that 80 percent of the challenges facing health centers in Parwan had been solved through monitoring and evaluation.

Efforts were underway to en-sure the lack of clean drinking water and the shortage of fe-male doctors were addressed as soon as possible.

“We have repeatedly sug-gested to the Public Health Department the supply of safe drinking water and they have a plant by which institute to dig a drinking water well in the clinic.

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