IT based reforms helping to improve institutional efficiency: Firdous

Our Correspondent

Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Information Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan has said that IT based reforms helping to improve institutional efficiency while overcoming corruption in government departments.

Talking to the media persons at District Excise & Taxation (E&T) Office Sialkot on Wednesday, she said that during the past, the E&T department caused sufferings for the people but different changes have been introduced in this department to facilitate the general public.

Now this department is playing a leading role in service delivery and the institutional change is the result of a good governance initiative taken by the PTI government to improve the efficiency and service delivery of the public sector department, she said.

Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan said that honest tax collection is important to deliver to the masses through the development agenda and the PTI has provided relief to the masses by overcoming the menace of corruption in the government departments.

This is the result of the digital revolution being introduced in different departments so that people may not become victims to any bureaucratic snafu.

She said that digital-technology based reforms have been introduced to expedite service delivery while ensuring full institutional transparency in government departments.

It is sanguine that an online portal has been introduced in the E&T department and discretionary powers of the field staff have been abolished.

The Special Assistant to CM said that the entire Punjab has become unified with the initiation of universal number plates.

Similarly, the smart cards programme is another project to overcome the menace of red-tapism.

Along with it, a biometric system has been introduced while eliminating open transfer and sahulat centers have been linked with the department through NADRA.

Any person can approach the NADRA centre for transfer purposes and dues can also be paid through the e-payment system, she said.

She said that evasion of taxes on luxury vehicles has been eliminated as the tax ratio for all the districts has been made equal. Anyone can also allot a favored number through online bidding.

She said that new housing societies are being brought under the tax net. Two billion increases have been made in taxes while giving exemption to widows and divorced women.

Dr. Firdous said the E&T department Sialkot has achieved Rs 60 cores target. Black sheep have been eliminated through the digitalization of the department.

The PTI is answerable to the people as it is linked with the masses in strong bonds of affection, she said.

She said that PTI’s alliance with the allies is not weak and it cannot be weakened due to a single meeting.

Meeting one another is a part of politics and Asif Zardari should better care for Sindh as PTI presented the best budget in Punjab.

PTI will provide relief in the next two years and no conspiracy will be allowed against the country, concluded the SACM.

Meanwhile, the Special Assistant to CM Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan strongly condemned the Johar Town blast.

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