Israel’s continuing belligerence | By Sirajuddin Aziz


Israel’s continuing belligerence

SINCE its forced creation in 1948, Israel has been blatantly persecuting the Palestinians, who through a diabolical machinations of the then powers be were dispossessed of their Homeland.

So all these years the madness has raged with no or little resistance. Israel purchased its independence and security from world powers, through economic control of the global financial resources.

The recent spate of killing innocent and unarmed worshippers at Al- Aqsa Mosque is merely a continuation of the madness that has prevailed; the singular objective being to seek ethnic cleansing.

The New York Times reported that “evictions” from Jerusalem is the primary cause of present flare up in the region.

Again this is not something new Israel is up to; since the illegal annexation of East Jerusalem in 1967, which most of the world doesn’t recognise, it has perpetuated a policy of persecuting the Palestinians, whose only “ lethal weapon” is throwing stones that do not even hurt, the Israeli Police and soldiers.

The recent incident is a classic case of unprovoked violence leashed upon the poor Palestinians. They, during the Holy Month of Ramazan, were engaged in congregational prayers. There was tension, but no provocative activity.

The arrogant, Israeli forces, attacked the worshippers from all directions, firing rubber bullets not below the belt, but straight into the face/ eyes of the worshippers, an act that was backed by a generous and liberal use of gas canisters fired in the midst of the congregation.

The worshippers true to their Faith remained steadfast and continued their prayers, admits the mayhem, happening around them. Israeli forces killed men, women and children at will. The world just watched.

Discussions on various platforms will not help, they haven’t in the last 70 odd years. They must be hit where it hurts, violence is not a solution, for it begets more…..hit back by economic measures. The pain is deep and effective.

All Muslims must boycott, globally, and not watch any movie that Stars this loathsome artiste, who cannot see the persecution of innocent Kashmiris in her own country and has the gall and audacity to lecture on what to learn from Israel; in saying so, she is provoking her country to try something as dangerous as that…

memories are short lived or what? Forgotten already what was done to Abhinandan’s intrusion? This nymphet preaches hate and is vitriolic in commenting upon Muslims. Let’s just unfollow her that will serve interests better.

Of late, most Muslim States are drooling and going head over heels to establish diplomatic ties with the rogue government of Israel.

It is unfortunate. Will such an attitude of submission and appeasement help the Palestinians cause.

I doubt. Talks and negotiations is not a language they understand, hit back economically, it will bear good results. Back in 1973, Israel chose, during Ramadan, to attack Syria and Egypt.

As usual the Ummah was caught napping! But the Islamic world then had the presence of such.

charismatic leaders like, King Faisal, Z.A. Bhutto, Anwar Saadat, Horaire Boumediene, etc, who galvanised a unified response.

Most historians give credit to Bhutto for advising the Arab OPEC, to use “Oil” as a weapon. This strategy paid off, alongside the support of the then USSR…the world was bi- polar then!

So today seeing Turkish President Tayyib Erdogan shed tears for Palestinians cause creates doubt, in the light of the fact , that the first Islamic and UN member country to recognise the farce creation of Israel was Turkey, and also was the first to establish diplomatic and trade ties.

While his heart echoes with feelings of brotherhood with the Palestinians, the fact is Trade between Turkey and Israel grows each year.

From Comtrade , let me cite some figures: In 2017, the bi- lateral trade between the two showed an increase of 12% YoY basis; where Turkish exports constituted US$3.4 billion, and imports were $ 1.5 billion, giving a total trade value of US$ 4.9 billion.

In 2018, this figure grew to $ 6.2 billion.. The Israeli economic managers are preparing a blue print where trade with Turkey as their export market, is to constitute almost 10-15 % of their total trade volume. The number of tourists from Israel were 440K, a massive 16 % increase over 2017.

For mutual political convenience, they split the tourists into two categories, Israeli Arabs and Jewish Israelis.

So the public expression of solidarity with the Palestinians cause has to be taken with a pinch of salt!

The New York Times a few days back quoted Benjamin Netanyahu, where he said, “ Response with great force…We will not tolerate attack on our territory, on our Capital, on our citizens and on our soldiers.

Whoever attacks us will pay a heavy price”. Netanyahu conveniently forgets that they are doing the same upon Palestinians.

We can hold seminars, conferences, international moots to discuss Israel’s acts of wanton aggression, but would it serve any purpose, possibly none.

We, Pakistanis, are observing today our expression of support by taking out processions in our streets where the frenzied crowd will most likely vent their anger by destroying public property.

Will it upset or please Israel? Does it require extra ordinary intelligence to deduce the outcome.

This lip service by the sleeping Ummah hasn’t helped in the past, but it is most unlikely to do so, going forward.

Without reacting militarily, the Muslim states must give a serious thought, towards developing a strategy where the economic base of the rogue enemy is rocked, if not totally shaken… Only that may help.

In the absence of a unified strategy by the now submissive and docile OIC and its member states, the solidarity will be hollow, as it has thus far been. Foreign office wake up and lead with innovative negotiation tactics.

Statements of support are meant for history’s dustbin. Only result oriented action will be indelible on the pages of history.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Karachi.

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