Larger designs of Israeli aggression | By Prof Dr Muhammad Khan


Larger designs of Israeli aggression

ON 10 May 2021 the Israeli security forces suddenly stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem while the Muslims were offering prayers in the Mosque.

There were no protests or signs of violence from the worshippers while they offered special prayers in the Mosque.

The Israeli snipers had already taken positions (at covert locations) to target the Palestinian Muslims.

It was a simultaneous firing with small arms, stun grenades, tear gas and rubber-coated metal rounds from all entrances and from rooftops. The Israeli security forces also set ablaze the compound of the Mosque.

On the subsequent days, Israel attacked the Palestinians areas through missile and air strike making use of its air force against defenceless Palestinians.

The attacked continued even during Holy Eid days, causing massive losses to human lives and the property.

As per initial estimates over 150 innocent Palestinians have been killed in these brutal Israeli attacks which include over 40 children and 30 women in Gaza Strip.

Besides, over 1500 innocent Palestinians have been injured in these incessant brutal Israeli attacks. The houses and buildings in Gaza have been destroyed, ruined and converted into debris.

The few rockets fired from Hamas from the Gaza area have killed few Israeli soldiers but the Israeli response was massive and ruthless.

The dominant opinion of the experts on Middle East is that State of Israel is heading towards its total control over the Palestinian areas, leaving no chance for a two-state solution (Israel and Palestine) as envisaged earlier.

Besides, it is also viewed that, United States is in direct support of Israeli state in this final round of gaining control over Palestinian areas.

The mysterious silence of Joe Biden Administration and terming Israeli aggression on Palestinians as self-defence encouraged the Israel to cause massacres in Gaza.

Furthermore, US has twice blocked the conduct of emergency session of United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

Besides, the Biden Administration has started supporting the Israeli state from where Trump Administration left.

During the four years rule of President Trump, US secured unprecedented gains for the illegal state of Israel.

To name a few; on March 25, 2019 US President Donald Trump, officially announced recognition of Golan Heights as part sovereign part of state of Israel.

Golan Heights, the Syrian territory is under occupation of Israel since 1967, occupied during Six days war.

Israeli Prime Minister Mr Netanyahu declared this US move as historic and said, “Israel won the Golan Heights in a just war of self-defence and the Jewish people’s roots in the Golan go back thousands of years.”

Earlier, on December 6, 2017 President Trump formally recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and stated that the American embassy would be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

This move was practically implemented by US and until now many more states have moved their embassies to Jerusalem despite a clear defeat of US move in United Nations General Assembly.

In a way, expansionist designs of the Jewish state were absolutely clear right from the Balfour Declaration-1917 which were later legitimized under UN Resolution 181.

These developments are indicative of the fact that, disintegration of Ottoman Empire was planned with lot of futuristic designs.

Indeed, the Middle East has not seen peace ever since the disintegration of Ottoman Empire.

But, the bad part of this entire episode is that, Muslims of Middle East have not learnt a lesson and are being manipulated constantly by international powers; the former colonial powers and today’s super.

There has neither been any prudence nor any futuristic strategy formulated by the rulers of Arab world to end the infighting and understanding the conspiracies against the region and its sources.

In the recent years, most of the Arab states have overtly and covertly recognized the state of Israel which goes against their traditional stance as well as the illegal occupation of Palestinian land by Israel.

It appears that most of the ruling elites in Arab world are in a race to develop closer ties with Israel while comprising over the Arab Land under Israeli occupation.

The contemporary ruling elites of the Arab world protect the US and Israeli interests more than their own interests which speak of their inclination and future leadership trends.

While the Arab elites secure the Israeli and American interests, the Arab masses seems discontented but subjugated.

A critical analysis of the on-going situation in Middle East would reveal that, Israel could not have dared to attack the Palestinians had there been an unyielding and uncompromised Arab world.

The repeated massacres of Palestinians at the hands of ruthless Israeli forces has been made possible only because of an indolent Arab ruling elites whose interests lies in the Western capitals and they receive dictates from Washington, London, Paris and Tal Aviv.

These ruling elites are unaware of their own destiny and destiny of the larger Arab world.

Indeed, all US backed Israeli actions are aimed at attaining an ultimate Greater Israeli state which will rule the Arab world through a conceded Arab ruling elites.

— The writer is Professor of Politics and IR at International Islamic University, Islamabad.

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