Israel launches airstrikes on Gaza

Israel launches airstrikes on Gaza

Israel launched airstrikes on Gaza on Monday night, alleging that incendiary balloons from the Palestinian territory were to blame for the flames.

The Israeli army blamed Hamas for the balloons, claiming it had targeted Hamas-controlled areas in the Gaza Strip.

Near a statement, the Israeli army stated that “overnight, IDF fighter jets struck a Hamas rocket manufacturing workshop as well as a Hamas military compound in Khan Yunis.”

The attacks were carried out in retaliation for Hamas firing incendiary balloons into Israeli territory, according to the statement.

According to witnesses, the army also fired artillery towards the north of Gaza.

No one was killed, according to medical authorities in the Palestinian territory.

Earlier in the day, Israeli firemen reported three bushfires near the Gaza Strip sparked by incendiary balloons.

The attacks came after six Palestinians escaped from an Israeli jail via a tunnel earlier in the day, sparking a major search.

In May, Hamas and Israel waged a brutal 11-day war, the deadliest in years between the two sides.

Incendiary balloons and border skirmishes have persisted in the months after the truce was negotiated by Egypt and a promise of Qatari assistance to alleviate poverty in the Palestinian enclave.

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