Isn’t it romantic?


The weather of Karachi has been so pleasing from past couple of days right after that storming rainfall and all, beauty of Karachi city is shinning in its charm, blushing in vibrant colours. It feels good sitting in balcony, enjoying cup of tea or coffee depending upon mood and chatting along with loved ones and smiling, laughing and enjoying the beauty of nature. Things don’t stay beautiful forever. We have preserved them so they can be beautiful for a longer time. For example, if we are throwing garbage on streets so it means the government should deal with it now.
Nope, that’s never going to happen. Government has put dumpsters, dustbins at various places of the city. We cannot expect Mayor of our city will be waiting for us on streets, roads or wherever we throw our trash that now he would be standing there with a trashcan, mop, and broom for cleaning, why would he, that’s not part of his job. It’s our job to put our garbage in a trashcan or a dumpster. So all the respected people of the city, keep your city neat and clean.

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