Islamophobia intensifies in India after Taliban return to power


The Hindu right wing has unleashed a new hate campaign targeting Indian Muslim minority in reaction to the capture of power by Taliban in Afghanistan.

Muslim politicians, writers, journalists, social media influencers and everyday citizens have become the target of a new hate campaign launched by extremist groups backed by Hindutva government.

Hindutva narrative prevailed in India which projected the real image of the world’s biggest democracy to the international community.

Persecution and vilification of minorities in India have raised questions about the basic bedrock of India’s democratic credentials and its secularism.

Modi’s fascist government has created a culture of impunity for nationwide campaigns of harassment and violence against religious minorities.

The agenda of BJP-RSS regime is driven by hatred, exclusionism and majoritarianism. BJP politician Ram Madhav called the 1921 Moplah rebellion one of the first manifestations of a “Talibani mentality” in India, and state government of Kerala was trying to “whitewash” it.
Hashtag “GoTo Afghanistan” began trending on Indian social media, a repeat of the “GoToPakistan” campaign launched by right-wing groups who want to turn India into an ethnic Hindu state.—APP

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