Disaster management ministry calls for Int’l help



The State Ministry for Disaster Management called on the international community to provide assistance to the flood-affected people in the southeastern province of Logar.

In a visit to the Khoshi district of Logar, site of recent flooding that took the lives of more 20 people, the Deputy Minister of Disaster Management, Sharafuddin Muslim, said that the aid provided to the residents is not sufficient.

“The people have been settled and they have been given food, but it is not sufficient because the floods have hit six villages and another three villages down there in Khoshi district,” he said.

Residents affected by the floods complained about an unfair distribution of aid.

“There is no water to drink or food to eat,” said Mohammad Shoaib Qalandari, a flood victim.

“All of these children are affected by pneumonia. There are no blankets and no rice or flour,” said Sajid Hossein, a flood-affected person.

More than 3,000 families have been displaced by floods in Khoshi district.

“There is nothing remaining of our house, where we could live and carry on,” said Rahimullah, a flood victim.

“No food remains nor anything else.

There was some money, the flood took it,” said Kaftar, a flood victim. —Tolonews


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