Islamic-era archeological site discovered in Afghanistan’s Logar



Logar provincial officials say they have discovered an archeological site near the city of Pul Alam, the provincial capital.

Rafiullah Samim, the head of information and culture department of Logar, told the media on Monday night that the site is located in the Spiz area of the city of Pul Alam.

According to him, the archeological site is believed to date back to the Islamic period (622 AD – 1258). He said archeologists from the ministry of information and culture identified the period after local residents, who discovered the site, informed the ministry of its existence.

Samim also pointed out that the necessary measures to maintain the archeological site have been taken by the ministry.

Logar province has many historical and archeological sites which date back hundreds of years, including the Mes Aynak region which has a large number of historical and ancient monuments from the pre-Islamic era, known as the Buddhist period.—ariana news